Eatin’ Hefty, Gaining Heavy!

I’m a fat girl.

Not Obese, but just fat. I’ve gained weight since High School, just like most people after high school. However, I’ve decided it was time for this *Fupa to get gone and get noticed!

I’ve found a great way to get it off too.. Walking!

I’ve been walking everyday now for almost a week to and from home, work, AND school..

That’s approx. a little over 10.5 miles A day!

& I’ve Lost 5 pounds so far! I’ve started to notice little changes like having energy I didn’t know I had, waking up at the ass crack of dawn becomes easier and I’ve been getting to places earlier than I expected (Seriously, never take Public transportation or sit in traffic EVER AGAIN unless you have to)!

I got my motivation from knowing the facts about walking and it’s weight loss potential online!

Walking takes awhile, but you notice so much more outside things when you walk everywhere

I’ve also been taking much more notice of the crap I eat. Things like calorie intake from certain foods, sodium intake and chuggin’ down my personal favorite… Lemon water.


Your probably wondering… why lemon water??? Well not only does It quench your thirst but it makes you feel full and not to mention its good for your digestive system.

I LOVE Lemon water! By far, the best dieting tip that I was told to try.

You could find out more ways why its good for you here:

I’m happy to be doing this for myself

& I think It’s time for me to be a wee bit healthier when it comes to eating.

Don’t get me wrong, my cheat days will be worth the murder of every jelly donuts I can consume .


Tips to help get you started:


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