Smells like Defeat.


It may seem that the idea for a blog in 2013 is a viciously competitive sport. However, Amongst some the most talented, inspiring, and really creative Blogs I’ve seen thus far, I’m happy to say I’m glad I was apart of “the crowd” for a bit!

Thus, I’m happy to move on with BrownGirl and focus on my family, forthcoming career endeavors, and especially focusing of my future self growth!

The journey has been super real and a growing experience I’ll  NEVER forget!

Don’t worry about me, but I’ll be perfectly fine & still humorously, BrownGirl 😉

Thanks you all sincerely!!



One thought on “Smells like Defeat.

  1. Hey Brown! Some things are worth trying, I’m proud of you for putting yourself ‘out-there’, for what its worth…….I enjoyed your blog…….& no!! I’m not being bias. So continue to explore life & leave your mark. Stay sweet.:-).

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