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OK, I usually prefer to post things based on the female gender, to provoke a kind of  girl power type  feeling (call me sexist). However, this article posted on  from about a Kenyan boy helping his family’s livestock from lions; is nothing short of brilliant!   February 11th was National Inventors Day, and I feel like this boy and his  invention should have honorable mentions amongst  the greats. He invented a lighting system that distracts lions or should I say “scares” them away  (go figure, right?!) from the cows on his father’s farm. Needless to say, the cows are safer now because of this system of   “lion lights” and no lions are getting shot in the head, so they’re  sorta safe too. His invention has been adopted by many neighbors as well.  You go, little chocolate Kenyan boy!

*Check out his brilliance & bravery : +boy+13+gains+fame+for+protecting+livestock+from+lions/

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I’ve found  “37 of the most inspiring tips and  learning tools” to becoming a more creative & stronger individual.  Creativity can often be overlooked because many might not have enough support or the right tools to  create on a level of success. Take these tips & enjoy their worth. I plan on it ;]

*Check it out:

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