Smells like Defeat.


It may seem that the idea for a blog in 2013 is a viciously competitive sport. However, Amongst some the most talented, inspiring, and really creative Blogs I’ve seen thus far, I’m happy to say I’m glad I was apart of “the crowd” for a bit!

Thus, I’m happy to move on with BrownGirl and focus on my family, forthcoming career endeavors, and especially focusing of my future self growth!

The journey has been super real and a growing experience I’ll  NEVER forget!

Don’t worry about me, but I’ll be perfectly fine & still humorously, BrownGirl 😉

Thanks you all sincerely!!



Single, Not Sad, & Fabulous

Lately I’ve been surprising excepting of being single and embracing it. I don’t know if its me or the fact that I have little faith in the male species because…well.. really men kinda suck (sorry Fellas but you kinda do).  However, I haven’t ruled men out  completely,  just letting the universe decide when one should come my way. In turn I won’t be hasty and actually wait with no intentions of wondering when.

Thus,  for you women, who are wondering when and in desperate need of a way to take your mind off being single & sad follow these painless rules!

  1. Lower your expectations!

For those of you looking, NO man can EVER match up to the picture perfect guy in our heads so STOP expecting that! Get with that super cute, yet awkward guy with maybe horrible fashion sense that’s been hitting on you. Take a chance & get to know him, he may be the one..DO IT!


I can’t stand the pity party women throw themselves.. even the women who think they’re fooling everyone & try to “suffer in silence”..  Girl Please! Everyone knows that girl who drinks or smokes way too much or is extra clingy with her friends just because she hates that she’s alone & thinks her life sucks .. it’ll be OK! Really.

3. Be as nonchalant as you can be

When you see that happily coupled up couple you just want to stab; act as happy as a base head.  That love is probably going to go stale at some point.. you definitely get the last laugh there.

4. Ponder the possibilities!

Use this time to ponder about what you could really do with all the free time you have! Before you know it, you’ll be a wife and/or mother & you’ll never get these precious moments of freedom back.. EVER AGAIN.

5. Lastly, Opt for a Fling..even IF your totally against that type of thing.

You will not regret having a stable “Booty Call” or what ever you want to call it. The days are long & so are the!

Dont forget to ALWAYS be safe either! also, make sure you let him know your intentions before you “settle the score” so to speak.

Good Luck Ladies! and remember You Can Do this!

Make sure you get a Fabulously Single T-shirt today! I’ve already ordered mine!

A Forthright 4th!!!


                                                                         Oh Hey?!

I’m Baaaack!! Happy Belated 4th Of July, Y’all!!!

Lets talk about how fabulously scorching & weirdly Drunkin’  this Weekend was!

    I took a long weekend & requested to a day off from work on 5th, because really, who comes in to work disgustingly hung over & tired as hell from all  festivities and Pre-gaming? No damned body! That’s If you knew what was best for yourself!

No parties for me though, I just drank all day for 4 days straight… (Judge & be Judged).

      I don’t know about anyone else, but last week and pretty much into the weekend; the heat wave that hit Boston, legit made people strip down to their bras, boxers and/or panties.                                                                                                                                                                              


The heat made me feel like a human Popsicle. 

 Thus, it was literally too hot to make anything that required heat.

So, my mom’s downstairs neighborimages  saved the day & made a batch of Blondie brownies.. Just what I needed! And that’s all I  really needed. Sweet, chewy, Brownie goodness, too.  Bless her little old  heart.

They were sooo, SO GOOD.

Lastly, I  fully enjoyed myself  studying for my one Summer course (Yes, Summer courses in Summer)  listened to a lot of old school music,  And again drank plentiful Sweet Red Yellow Tail wine on my last day of freedom .

Needless to say, I was hung over on Monday.

 …Long Live the YELLOW TAIL!!

Until Next Fourth July…

Made it happen… Recappin’!

Life is one hell of a trip. This week was a very, very long week! Got some things done, failed a little, and won BIG. I made it do what it do this week Honey!

 My financial future is in a dire state of “Emergency”!

The way I spend money, would put any tight-fisted, money-saving freak in a coma for a good couple of days. So, I’ve made it clear to myself  & my bank account, to look up a way to keep my head above water and learn what I need to about Budgeting..That’s right, Me, Budgeting!

Anyone can tell you, I like to splurge almost all my hard-earned monies in just ONE store. And quite frankly..It has to stop!

Read up on how to Budget for Dummies, ladies & gents:


   This week, I also started a petition for the need to revitalize the town I live in, Mattapan.  It used to be a thriving neighborhood back in the 90’s & now It’s like a deserted crack town..No Bueno. 3127159644_e7911eb90a

 So, as a good citizen, I’ve decided that not only does my part of town need at least a Dunkin’ Donut’s, but a bit of renovation as well. Mattapan has to do better..honestly.

Do what you must for whatever you should fight for to change:


Been trying to get my plantin’ on for a while now, looked up gardening things, & community gardening popped into my head!!

Since my vacation was a bust because of the rain and I’m still waiting for the City hall phantom Gourmet  BBq to happen (This weekend June 21-23rd!!  I found a place that I could actually plant  different array of things…I have a knack for nurturing plants. Don’t judge & sign up with me..

That’s it for Recappin’.. I’m in for a Good Weekend! Whoooo!!!

Eatin’ Hefty, Gaining Heavy!

I’m a fat girl.

Not Obese, but just fat. I’ve gained weight since High School, just like most people after high school. However, I’ve decided it was time for this *Fupa to get gone and get noticed!

I’ve found a great way to get it off too.. Walking!

I’ve been walking everyday now for almost a week to and from home, work, AND school..

That’s approx. a little over 10.5 miles A day!

& I’ve Lost 5 pounds so far! I’ve started to notice little changes like having energy I didn’t know I had, waking up at the ass crack of dawn becomes easier and I’ve been getting to places earlier than I expected (Seriously, never take Public transportation or sit in traffic EVER AGAIN unless you have to)!

I got my motivation from knowing the facts about walking and it’s weight loss potential online!

Walking takes awhile, but you notice so much more outside things when you walk everywhere

I’ve also been taking much more notice of the crap I eat. Things like calorie intake from certain foods, sodium intake and chuggin’ down my personal favorite… Lemon water.


Your probably wondering… why lemon water??? Well not only does It quench your thirst but it makes you feel full and not to mention its good for your digestive system.

I LOVE Lemon water! By far, the best dieting tip that I was told to try.

You could find out more ways why its good for you here:

I’m happy to be doing this for myself

& I think It’s time for me to be a wee bit healthier when it comes to eating.

Don’t get me wrong, my cheat days will be worth the murder of every jelly donuts I can consume .


Tips to help get you started:

How to deal, when dealing, SUCKS!

Recently, I’ve been semi-withdrawn from doing things with (not immediate) family  & skipping out on things that’s going with friends like hanging, going out to bars, eating… pretty much, blowing  people off.

75% of the times it’s for legitimate reasons, but the other 25% goes to me actually breaking plans to either stay in & stay alone. I’ve chalked it up to just being really introverted and unaware that it probably strains many of my friendships and/or relationships. But I know, something Deeper lies in me. When I’m put in social situations, ie. being introduced to new people, walking through a crowded restaurant,  even at cross walks, being watched by people in passing cars; Instant anxiety like no other.

I’ve been researching things all weekend & I’ve sort of,  self diagnosed myself.

I discovered that my type of anxiety, is Social Anxiety disorder, or also known  (SAD). Social Anxiety Disorder is a person with phobia of  socializing or being in a social setting.

You tend to be sensitive to criticism and rejection, have difficulty asserting yourself , and a lot of self-esteem issues that stems from being in a social situation that hurt you once before. Social anxiety disorder can be generalized to situations that can make everything from walking to a table at a restaurant, to attending your best friend’s wedding, a cause for panic and fear. SAD affects 8% of the population,

& only 1% of the population are diagnosed and follow treatment.

I believe that I’ve got a firm grasp on my self diagnosis and a clear path to over coming social anxiety. I’ve made an effort into meeting new people & just being aware that I am Human. Everything I do is OK If I’m doing the right thing.

This blog is also a huge testament to putting myself out there, grabbing the fear of criticism and rejection & throw that shit to the wind.

Here are a few links to the sites I’ve researched .. I hope this helps some of you out there tryna cope!..: Has classifications for many types anxiety & Depression symptoms/disorders.

Also, Will help you figure out if you have depression & give you the rights steps towards getting healthy, mentally..

We all go through sh*t in life, but knowing you can do something about it is step number one!

Do it for you.

do it

The Crazy, The Heat, The Helpful

This weekend was the weekend of weirdness, hotness (literally) & a lil positiveness. Thus, we’ve got some topics to take care of!

Friday & most of the weekend, I’ve witnessed ALOT of Ratchet behavior. I’m not talking, a little here & there, I’m talking like…EVERYWHERE.

…Your probably thinking, you know, just a couple of crackheads dancing in front of the liquor store, as the usual comradery is normal…right?

              S A T U R D A Y (everywhere around Boston, MA)
                             11:36 a.m

Too many fat, fat people wearing cut off shorts!

…This one kid, only had on boxers

while walking his dog…


On a very busy, very public, sidewalk intersection in Hyde Park. THE SHAME!

AND last but not least.

African-American men, Some ABOVE the age 25 , STILL sporting one of these stupid ass hair trends….Stop it now. Please!

To say the least, this weekends ratchet behavior & continuing ratchet lifestyles was ALL THE WAY real.. (Smh).

In other news..

Staying cool with these bizarre bouts of straight up heat, is definitely, something to consider. OR..wind up falling out, in a strangers lap, on the train (no names & a side-eye). Choose wisely my friends.

Continue the good fight!

This week showed me that no matter what decisions you make in life, people will judge you for them. But It’s all good, because every body has life lessons they haven’t quite perfected. I never hide mine! I let my life experiences & lessons blow with the wind; not hidden while the cracks show.

& That’s why its important to climb & be the better you, you can be.. even at the Top!

…Until Next ratchet, Heat stroke, and/or humbling experience

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Monday maybe the day for a facelift..


to the Blog of course!

 Over the weekend, I have some plans & new ideas for a makeover on the Blog…Are you Excited yet? I’m talking a fresh appearance, widgets..the whole nine!!

 Also, check out BROWNGIRL on TWITTER!!!


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June? Vacation? Summer?!…Yes, I need it ALL!

Today’s one of those day were I  just want to curl up in my bed or couch & watch a movie marathon with a bag of Indiana Popcorn…all day.

BFG30785 - Popcorn IndianaOriginal Kettlecorn Popcorn

But I’m not gunna complain. Because this homegirl, has a paid week coming up for Vacation!

I’m too excited.


A  friend of mine asked me what I was going to do while on my vacation & really…I have not a clue.

I’ve had a few things in mind and surely, as I make my way to finding out those few things, the opportunities have been sprouting up..

Check these out!:


OK…now I know this flyer says this event has already passed, but they’re having more events happening for the Month of June.Pudgy women on skates throwin’ bows…Bring it!

Get Your tickets & find out more here:


Grapefruit And Strawberry Greyhound Poptail Making Popsicle is definitely on my list of things to do. Especially “Adult” Popsicles

 Find out how to make these bad boys, right hurr..

**FYI: the Family Dollar on West Broadway in South Boston, MA has 6-8 Popsicle mold kits for a buck.. Definitely can’t beat that!


Next up.


Yes, I’ve planted these peppers fairly recently & they haven’t begun to sprout anything yet..lets keep hope alive.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that I don’t kill them by over watering

**Pot & plant seeds above, aslo from the Family Dollar on West Broadway in South Boston





Now you know, I’m gon’ eat, on vacation!

Phantom Gourmet is having a “Beach BBQ” in the Government Center Plaza

One City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

June 21st to the 23rd! BBQ+Music+Free Samples? I’m on it!



(Sips my coffee incredulously) Can’t believe I get time away for this?! almost to good to be true..

But i’ll be Hotsteppin’ & sweatin’ in this Boston heat

I love vacation time!

Tough Skin Made! How to combat drama in a Catty, Bitchy, World.


How many of us [women] have been through some things that has probably kicked our asses, mentally & emotionally? Did you bounce back? or did you let the situation(s) really kick your ass? Do you  blame another woman for this? if so, do you feel like she’s taking everything away from your success or your imagined success?

In every woman’s mind, there is that one chick that you just hate for some reason…scratch that…Loathe! She just seems to be super insincere, superficial, shady & manipulative but attracts opportunities & feeds into that stereotypical “privileged woman” social society.  If you agree, it’s fair to say she’s hurt you with her deceptive ways,  right? Well, maybe…but you have to respect & appreciate that she is giving you leeway to your own piece of success.  No drama Needed! Just follow these game changing tips to help avoid that burst of drama brewing:

  1. Ask for help & receive it. If not, stay cool! She ain’t gotta help you, but you do have to steal her best moves.
  2. Flip your hair if you have any  &  stand tall against opposition! Someone will see the effort & your fierceness will ROAR!! or have a mind blown affect, of some sort.
  3. Know that there are  a million other avenues & adventures that await.  This chick might be good at one thing, but there are a few other things nobody might know how to handle better than you do!
  4. Know that some challenges are met with defeat,  if it’s too much, exit that challenge. Pretend you fell off the face of the earth, get you’re mind right, then get back at it!
  5.  Love the challenge! If you have a sister (or sisters) you already know how to compete! Call in help if there’s a group of  catty women  that need to be bulldozed through.

Never feel like “She’s taking away everything I want to do & Be”.. when really you can get that ass up and compete just as hard and succeed just as well!



There are going to be days when you will feel a little  “sob story-ish” and that’s ok, but remember, you can be anything anyone else can be!


Find courage & your own piece of success Ladies! Stop the hate &  learn to relate. Play the Game!

Wikihow also has some tips to combat that inner circle cattiness amongst “friends”: