We Love our Moms’…Do We?!


This past Mother’s Day, I was sensible enough to give my mom the best gift that I could; which was a little retail therapy, helped her prepare a dinner of  Mashed potatoes, Salmon & some roasted vegetables on the grill. She truly appreciated it, and decided to push it a little further, by persuading me into giving her a Pedicure.

Today, I’ve been online looking up the most random and most ridiculous gifts people actually buy online..FOR THEIR MOTHERS’! Needless to say I was very amused & confused by it all:

Public Toilet Survival Kit Tin  First of all,… if the bathroom or bathrooms in question are that dirty… Why the need to go in them at all? Your Mom would probably have enough sense to choose wisely. Where to buy: http://www.baronbob.com/public-toilet-survival-kit.htm

 This is THEE MOST stupidest thing to EVER buy your parent. It’s intended to be a “Coffee Mug” in the form of an old school DSLR camera lens, but my parent would never think that, put it to her eye & burn her eyeball right off…Not cool.  If your parent is intelligent enough,  buy at:  http://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/gift-ideas/mothers-day-gift-guide-2013#slide-1

predator claw rings

Why? just…Why?!?? If she has a fetish for being an Eagle or any bird for that matter: http://www.divinesecretsofadomesticdiva.com/2013/05/09/10-bad-mothers-day-gifts-for-2013/

Vaseline Spray n’  Go…Nope! I can only imagine what else she could be using that for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8-ow4CVX3w

5. This is straight up, Ugly! But,  your mom might find it appealing (shrugs)_ http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/upcycled-sari-clutch

ILY Mom!! You should be Happy & very lucky I didn’t buy any of that nonsense for you! 


My Truth; Spoken Word Wednesday



Today’s Spoken word is Dedicated to Green.  Just use your Imagination with this one (Winks)! Also remember, If you have any poems, lyrics, or stanzas to be posted & praised; Send your Spoken words to BrowngirlAntonia88blogs@yahoo.com and I’ll be more than happy to represent YOU & your original piece of  Spoken work!


Fixes my mind right receptors

Makes me happy

Healing power helps me forget

Sometimes vital information

Most days,  hard life information

There at my peaks

Drags me way low to my way lows

Makes me wonder…Are the slickest players, the foulest heartbreakers?

but most of the time it be like..”Kiss my 3rd eye & feel all four dimensions”

Smoke induced inhalations

..that voodoo Marley sang  with

Voodoo Joplin should’ve stuck with

planting a tree tonight..

A youth tree

the Truth tree

Just for me

Makes me happy…


Those are my spoken words for today!Here is an artist that  speaks his own spoken word & is also, sort of, a master of disguising it with his perception & personification about this “Greenery” I speak of:

Tough Skin Made! How to combat drama in a Catty, Bitchy, World.


How many of us [women] have been through some things that has probably kicked our asses, mentally & emotionally? Did you bounce back? or did you let the situation(s) really kick your ass? Do you  blame another woman for this? if so, do you feel like she’s taking everything away from your success or your imagined success?

In every woman’s mind, there is that one chick that you just hate for some reason…scratch that…Loathe! She just seems to be super insincere, superficial, shady & manipulative but attracts opportunities & feeds into that stereotypical “privileged woman” social society.  If you agree, it’s fair to say she’s hurt you with her deceptive ways,  right? Well, maybe…but you have to respect & appreciate that she is giving you leeway to your own piece of success.  No drama Needed! Just follow these game changing tips to help avoid that burst of drama brewing:

  1. Ask for help & receive it. If not, stay cool! She ain’t gotta help you, but you do have to steal her best moves.
  2. Flip your hair if you have any  &  stand tall against opposition! Someone will see the effort & your fierceness will ROAR!! or have a mind blown affect, of some sort.
  3. Know that there are  a million other avenues & adventures that await.  This chick might be good at one thing, but there are a few other things nobody might know how to handle better than you do!
  4. Know that some challenges are met with defeat,  if it’s too much, exit that challenge. Pretend you fell off the face of the earth, get you’re mind right, then get back at it!
  5.  Love the challenge! If you have a sister (or sisters) you already know how to compete! Call in help if there’s a group of  catty women  that need to be bulldozed through.

Never feel like “She’s taking away everything I want to do & Be”.. when really you can get that ass up and compete just as hard and succeed just as well!



There are going to be days when you will feel a little  “sob story-ish” and that’s ok, but remember, you can be anything anyone else can be!


Find courage & your own piece of success Ladies! Stop the hate &  learn to relate. Play the Game!

Wikihow also has some tips to combat that inner circle cattiness amongst “friends”: http://www.wikihow.com/Deal-With-Drama-Among-Friends

Fabulous Friday! *Aw yea, Aw Yeaaah!

 I thought this day would never shows its beautiful behind! How is your Friday doin’!? I am in awe of the things that transpired this week. One being the glorious re-opening of the side streets, nooks & crannies; And every in between alleyway of the Boylston/Copley area…No shade to the victims (may they rest) of course. This Fab Friday we got these 3 tidbits to talk about,… let’s get it!

Successful People vs. Unsuccessful People

Something spoke to me with this chart! Either you can be successful or not…Either go hard or go home! Which side do you classify with? Pretty grateful someone had the idea to make this chart and share it with the people!

I vow to stay on the left side…Who’s with me?http://darinspindler.com/successful-vs-unsuccessful-people-business-owners/


This week I’ve seen too many people trip on the side walks, asking themselves whats wrong with gravity?! I’ll tell you whats wrong with it….You! How you gunna  feel like a bad ass & walk down the street, primp and prissy; bold &  fearless and let a sidewalk trip you up? Granted, everyone does it from time to time, misstep or don’t  see that unleveled piece of concrete jutting out…but I’ll be damned! Wednesday,  I saw a business man almost fly out of his suit in front of the library. I laughed til I cried that day… Good times, man, good time (laughs).

                  Also, this week…!

 The Onion played a cruel joke on me & mostly everyone who read the article, about The Boston bomber posting bail & pretty much roaming the streets free, doing  more damage physically and mentally…. to say the least; homegirl wasnt havin’ it!  Thankfully, that was just a twisted joke &  it was played well (smh) Tu Chez, Tu Chez.http://www.theonion.com/articles/dzhokar-tsarnaev-posts-bail,32184/

Well, that was a short recap of the week I’ve had… til next Week peeps! T.G.I.F!!!


_Spoken Word Wednesday_


Do you Love Fabulous Fridays!? Well, your weekly Fab Friday will be joined with another day of the week, equally as pleasing! Wednesdays will be dedicated to Spoken Word Wednesdays. If you have any poems, lyrics, or stanzas to be posted & praised, Send your Spoken words to BrowngirlAntonia88blogs@yahoo.com and I’ll be more than happy to represent YOU & your original piece of  Spoken work!

Here is my attempt at it:


I feel like he would’ve been mine in a different time

Two worlds collided in my space & place

Tongues touched reverently

like they they’d been there before

only in spoken word & shy glances at his lips

I passed him; he touched my lower back

like he was willing to explore

I wanted More.

I wanted it like a cool wind  from a breeze


like I need multiple answers but the sex already told me thrice


like antonyms & synonyms  that want to collide and  become each other

lost in his translations

Wanting,knowing, feeling

Just that feel


*My inspiration, My Muse;  nobody other than Miss Lauryn Hill… 

The Embedded video would not show. Please follow the link:


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REMIX!!! *Fresh Friday! We be mixin’ it up, Honey!

This Friday, I have some Fresh and some stale & not so fresh things that happened this week. Lets get it poppington!!


Never eat Dunkin’ Donuts’ chicken salad sandwich. Like EVER.  First off,  the store clerk asked me if I wanted it in a wrap instead of in a beloved croissant…. um, No!  If anyone knows well, they know that Double D’s has really good croissants… like really good! Anyways, I take my sandwich made WITH the croissant & my coffee and hoped that this sandwich would taste decent since I’ve never had it, but who could go wrong with a chicken salad sandwich? Wrong!  I was very misled, because the chicken in it tasted like chicken flavored bubbles with the dull crunch of tainted or chemically manufactured celery. And to top it off, the mayo in it was way too sweet! How about adding dried cranberries and  ELIMINATING the sweet taste with a tad bit more salt….healthy sea salt, of course.   Someone, anyone, please mention this to a Dunkin’ Donuts’ headquarters associate, if you know one. (smh)

ht_ugg_counterfeit_flexible_outsoles_lpl_130403_wmainDo You own a pair of UGG boots?(Men or Women can answer this). Next question, have you tested your UGG boot to see if they were real? This is how you tell the difference between a fake UGG boot & real UGG boot. Fresh!


Betta Fish. Everyone has owned or knows someone who owns a Betta Fish, Unofficially, they’re making a comeback!  These little fishies are super pretty & easy to manage, right? Wrong! A  friend of mines, her  fish looks like thisindex

All the time! And it’s not suppose to, unless its sees its reflection & feels threatened by the onset of another Betta…weird!  I’ve also had a chance to fish sit somebody else’s  fish recently (not the monster pictured above) and the owner was extra, extra picky about its care. Like really, what can happen to your precious fish under water and under my care? Definitely an Anal retentive, NOT fresh,  fish moron; that guy.

Taking Pics of things that aren’t quite pictures on Instagram…Fresh or Not Fresh? I’m stumped here? I am also a guilty party in doing  this.

Posting pictures of things written on your mobile device, is ok, given the right content. I’m learning this and I believe anything worth reading is worth Instagramming…maybe? I don’t know, you be the judge.


The Saga continues…. Why my heart goes out to Amanda Bynes before its too little, too late!

This is in no way bashing the troubled star, however, What the hell is really up with Amanda?!

Homegirl is walking around (wherever she is…who knows) hair tore up & over bleached; looking like a complete spacecraft, not just a space cadet…why???  I feel for her. One reason, nobody knows exactly  what it is, that she’s on.  And two,  where are her true friends?  Now, I do believe in having a stable family life and  friendship foundation but something leads me to think, she has neither and that’s the sad part. My advice would be to get back out there!! Wake up & shake up, Honey! It may seem like life  has snatched you, but the real story is how you bounce back.

Look how far Britney came!


NOBODY forgot.  But ask Ms. Britney B*tch  if she’s winning now?

Yes, Yes she is! 

Don’t let the Kardashian infrastructure talk ish about you either!  Good or Bad,  because really, they have no place!

They don’t even know what they’re talking about half the time. (smh)

The Kardashians Discuss Amanda Bynes As They Host "Chelsea Lately"


You have everything still going for you! Remember & cherish your Amanda Show, days. I remember!

That being said, get your 27-year-old life, Together! We’re praying for Lindsay, but she’s too far gone…I’m still keeping hope alive for you. Who’s with me on this?

Back at it! Fabulous “Food” Friday Y’all!!


Been away for some time but don’t fret!  This Fabulous Friday, I have something good for my peeps.  In the wake of my absence, I found something interesting on Buzzfeed.com. The website has decided to create a “food forum” of some sort, where users can upload pics of food they’ve created by themselves or have been served at a restaurant. How cool is that?! You can, now, upload a pic of your food (before you devour it, obviously); wait for others to vote whether or not they’d chow down on it  & invite your friends to do the same! I’ve always wanted to be a food critic for as long as I could even fathom, why? Because food is good & I love eating. I remember staying up until 12 a.m. to watch The Food Networks, Iron Chef  BEFORE that weird Asian Co-host & Alton Brown took over. Allez! Cuisine!

*Aw yeah! Sweet, precious, memories… Who remembers this? Is the newer Iron chef America better or should they have stuck with the classic?