How to deal, when dealing, SUCKS!

Recently, I’ve been semi-withdrawn from doing things with (not immediate) family  & skipping out on things that’s going with friends like hanging, going out to bars, eating… pretty much, blowing  people off.

75% of the times it’s for legitimate reasons, but the other 25% goes to me actually breaking plans to either stay in & stay alone. I’ve chalked it up to just being really introverted and unaware that it probably strains many of my friendships and/or relationships. But I know, something Deeper lies in me. When I’m put in social situations, ie. being introduced to new people, walking through a crowded restaurant,  even at cross walks, being watched by people in passing cars; Instant anxiety like no other.

I’ve been researching things all weekend & I’ve sort of,  self diagnosed myself.

I discovered that my type of anxiety, is Social Anxiety disorder, or also known  (SAD). Social Anxiety Disorder is a person with phobia of  socializing or being in a social setting.

You tend to be sensitive to criticism and rejection, have difficulty asserting yourself , and a lot of self-esteem issues that stems from being in a social situation that hurt you once before. Social anxiety disorder can be generalized to situations that can make everything from walking to a table at a restaurant, to attending your best friend’s wedding, a cause for panic and fear. SAD affects 8% of the population,

& only 1% of the population are diagnosed and follow treatment.

I believe that I’ve got a firm grasp on my self diagnosis and a clear path to over coming social anxiety. I’ve made an effort into meeting new people & just being aware that I am Human. Everything I do is OK If I’m doing the right thing.

This blog is also a huge testament to putting myself out there, grabbing the fear of criticism and rejection & throw that shit to the wind.

Here are a few links to the sites I’ve researched .. I hope this helps some of you out there tryna cope!..: Has classifications for many types anxiety & Depression symptoms/disorders.

Also, Will help you figure out if you have depression & give you the rights steps towards getting healthy, mentally..

We all go through sh*t in life, but knowing you can do something about it is step number one!

Do it for you.

do it