The Crazy, The Heat, The Helpful

This weekend was the weekend of weirdness, hotness (literally) & a lil positiveness. Thus, we’ve got some topics to take care of!

Friday & most of the weekend, I’ve witnessed ALOT of Ratchet behavior. I’m not talking, a little here & there, I’m talking like…EVERYWHERE.

…Your probably thinking, you know, just a couple of crackheads dancing in front of the liquor store, as the usual comradery is normal…right?

              S A T U R D A Y (everywhere around Boston, MA)
                             11:36 a.m

Too many fat, fat people wearing cut off shorts!

…This one kid, only had on boxers

while walking his dog…


On a very busy, very public, sidewalk intersection in Hyde Park. THE SHAME!

AND last but not least.

African-American men, Some ABOVE the age 25 , STILL sporting one of these stupid ass hair trends….Stop it now. Please!

To say the least, this weekends ratchet behavior & continuing ratchet lifestyles was ALL THE WAY real.. (Smh).

In other news..

Staying cool with these bizarre bouts of straight up heat, is definitely, something to consider. OR..wind up falling out, in a strangers lap, on the train (no names & a side-eye). Choose wisely my friends.

Continue the good fight!

This week showed me that no matter what decisions you make in life, people will judge you for them. But It’s all good, because every body has life lessons they haven’t quite perfected. I never hide mine! I let my life experiences & lessons blow with the wind; not hidden while the cracks show.

& That’s why its important to climb & be the better you, you can be.. even at the Top!

…Until Next ratchet, Heat stroke, and/or humbling experience