Single, Not Sad, & Fabulous

Lately I’ve been surprising excepting of being single and embracing it. I don’t know if its me or the fact that I have little faith in the male species because…well.. really men kinda suck (sorry Fellas but you kinda do).  However, I haven’t ruled men out  completely,  just letting the universe decide when one should come my way. In turn I won’t be hasty and actually wait with no intentions of wondering when.

Thus,  for you women, who are wondering when and in desperate need of a way to take your mind off being single & sad follow these painless rules!

  1. Lower your expectations!

For those of you looking, NO man can EVER match up to the picture perfect guy in our heads so STOP expecting that! Get with that super cute, yet awkward guy with maybe horrible fashion sense that’s been hitting on you. Take a chance & get to know him, he may be the one..DO IT!


I can’t stand the pity party women throw themselves.. even the women who think they’re fooling everyone & try to “suffer in silence”..  Girl Please! Everyone knows that girl who drinks or smokes way too much or is extra clingy with her friends just because she hates that she’s alone & thinks her life sucks .. it’ll be OK! Really.

3. Be as nonchalant as you can be

When you see that happily coupled up couple you just want to stab; act as happy as a base head.  That love is probably going to go stale at some point.. you definitely get the last laugh there.

4. Ponder the possibilities!

Use this time to ponder about what you could really do with all the free time you have! Before you know it, you’ll be a wife and/or mother & you’ll never get these precious moments of freedom back.. EVER AGAIN.

5. Lastly, Opt for a Fling..even IF your totally against that type of thing.

You will not regret having a stable “Booty Call” or what ever you want to call it. The days are long & so are the!

Dont forget to ALWAYS be safe either! also, make sure you let him know your intentions before you “settle the score” so to speak.

Good Luck Ladies! and remember You Can Do this!

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