A Forthright 4th!!!


                                                                         Oh Hey?!

I’m Baaaack!! Happy Belated 4th Of July, Y’all!!!

Lets talk about how fabulously scorching & weirdly Drunkin’  this Weekend was!

    I took a long weekend & requested to a day off from work on 5th, because really, who comes in to work disgustingly hung over & tired as hell from all  festivities and Pre-gaming? No damned body! That’s If you knew what was best for yourself!

No parties for me though, I just drank all day for 4 days straight… (Judge & be Judged).

      I don’t know about anyone else, but last week and pretty much into the weekend; the heat wave that hit Boston, legit made people strip down to their bras, boxers and/or panties.                                                                                                                                                                              


The heat made me feel like a human Popsicle. 

 Thus, it was literally too hot to make anything that required heat.

So, my mom’s downstairs neighborimages  saved the day & made a batch of Blondie brownies.. Just what I needed! And that’s all I  really needed. Sweet, chewy, Brownie goodness, too.  Bless her little old  heart.

They were sooo, SO GOOD.

Lastly, I  fully enjoyed myself  studying for my one Summer course (Yes, Summer courses in Summer)  listened to a lot of old school music,  And again drank plentiful Sweet Red Yellow Tail wine on my last day of freedom .

Needless to say, I was hung over on Monday.

 …Long Live the YELLOW TAIL!!

Until Next Fourth July…