Made it happen… Recappin’!

Life is one hell of a trip. This week was a very, very long week! Got some things done, failed a little, and won BIG. I made it do what it do this week Honey!

 My financial future is in a dire state of “Emergency”!

The way I spend money, would put any tight-fisted, money-saving freak in a coma for a good couple of days. So, I’ve made it clear to myself  & my bank account, to look up a way to keep my head above water and learn what I need to about Budgeting..That’s right, Me, Budgeting!

Anyone can tell you, I like to splurge almost all my hard-earned monies in just ONE store. And quite frankly..It has to stop!

Read up on how to Budget for Dummies, ladies & gents:


   This week, I also started a petition for the need to revitalize the town I live in, Mattapan.  It used to be a thriving neighborhood back in the 90’s & now It’s like a deserted crack town..No Bueno. 3127159644_e7911eb90a

 So, as a good citizen, I’ve decided that not only does my part of town need at least a Dunkin’ Donut’s, but a bit of renovation as well. Mattapan has to do better..honestly.

Do what you must for whatever you should fight for to change:


Been trying to get my plantin’ on for a while now, looked up gardening things, & community gardening popped into my head!!

Since my vacation was a bust because of the rain and I’m still waiting for the City hall phantom Gourmet  BBq to happen (This weekend June 21-23rd!!  I found a place that I could actually plant  different array of things…I have a knack for nurturing plants. Don’t judge & sign up with me..

That’s it for Recappin’.. I’m in for a Good Weekend! Whoooo!!!


June? Vacation? Summer?!…Yes, I need it ALL!

Today’s one of those day were I  just want to curl up in my bed or couch & watch a movie marathon with a bag of Indiana Popcorn…all day.

BFG30785 - Popcorn IndianaOriginal Kettlecorn Popcorn

But I’m not gunna complain. Because this homegirl, has a paid week coming up for Vacation!

I’m too excited.


A  friend of mine asked me what I was going to do while on my vacation & really…I have not a clue.

I’ve had a few things in mind and surely, as I make my way to finding out those few things, the opportunities have been sprouting up..

Check these out!:


OK…now I know this flyer says this event has already passed, but they’re having more events happening for the Month of June.Pudgy women on skates throwin’ bows…Bring it!

Get Your tickets & find out more here:


Grapefruit And Strawberry Greyhound Poptail Making Popsicle is definitely on my list of things to do. Especially “Adult” Popsicles

 Find out how to make these bad boys, right hurr..

**FYI: the Family Dollar on West Broadway in South Boston, MA has 6-8 Popsicle mold kits for a buck.. Definitely can’t beat that!


Next up.


Yes, I’ve planted these peppers fairly recently & they haven’t begun to sprout anything yet..lets keep hope alive.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that I don’t kill them by over watering

**Pot & plant seeds above, aslo from the Family Dollar on West Broadway in South Boston





Now you know, I’m gon’ eat, on vacation!

Phantom Gourmet is having a “Beach BBQ” in the Government Center Plaza

One City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

June 21st to the 23rd! BBQ+Music+Free Samples? I’m on it!



(Sips my coffee incredulously) Can’t believe I get time away for this?! almost to good to be true..

But i’ll be Hotsteppin’ & sweatin’ in this Boston heat

I love vacation time!