How to deal, when dealing, SUCKS!

Recently, I’ve been semi-withdrawn from doing things with (not immediate) family  & skipping out on things that’s going with friends like hanging, going out to bars, eating… pretty much, blowing  people off.

75% of the times it’s for legitimate reasons, but the other 25% goes to me actually breaking plans to either stay in & stay alone. I’ve chalked it up to just being really introverted and unaware that it probably strains many of my friendships and/or relationships. But I know, something Deeper lies in me. When I’m put in social situations, ie. being introduced to new people, walking through a crowded restaurant,  even at cross walks, being watched by people in passing cars; Instant anxiety like no other.

I’ve been researching things all weekend & I’ve sort of,  self diagnosed myself.

I discovered that my type of anxiety, is Social Anxiety disorder, or also known  (SAD). Social Anxiety Disorder is a person with phobia of  socializing or being in a social setting.

You tend to be sensitive to criticism and rejection, have difficulty asserting yourself , and a lot of self-esteem issues that stems from being in a social situation that hurt you once before. Social anxiety disorder can be generalized to situations that can make everything from walking to a table at a restaurant, to attending your best friend’s wedding, a cause for panic and fear. SAD affects 8% of the population,

& only 1% of the population are diagnosed and follow treatment.

I believe that I’ve got a firm grasp on my self diagnosis and a clear path to over coming social anxiety. I’ve made an effort into meeting new people & just being aware that I am Human. Everything I do is OK If I’m doing the right thing.

This blog is also a huge testament to putting myself out there, grabbing the fear of criticism and rejection & throw that shit to the wind.

Here are a few links to the sites I’ve researched .. I hope this helps some of you out there tryna cope!..: Has classifications for many types anxiety & Depression symptoms/disorders.

Also, Will help you figure out if you have depression & give you the rights steps towards getting healthy, mentally..

We all go through sh*t in life, but knowing you can do something about it is step number one!

Do it for you.

do it



 Are you technology dependant? Pretty much the entire world is in 2013.  What about 10 years ago when new technology was at the height of its existence?

I never could  only  imagine how much technology has impacted my life & everyone’s around me. The  surge blew up in the late 90’s around. By the time I finished 9th grade, I definitely  saw a steady increase and was amazed.  I remember my friends would tell me about party hotlines, then all of a sudden chats  on the computer (AIM of course) then MySpace (cough), now  Facebook. It’s crazy thinking about the times when I didn’t have a computer in my house or my cellphone. If there was ever a day when computers crash and phones stop working, what would we do?

*Listen to this guy explain why cell phones are replacing reality: