Made it happen… Recappin’!

Life is one hell of a trip. This week was a very, very long week! Got some things done, failed a little, and won BIG. I made it do what it do this week Honey!

 My financial future is in a dire state of “Emergency”!

The way I spend money, would put any tight-fisted, money-saving freak in a coma for a good couple of days. So, I’ve made it clear to myself  & my bank account, to look up a way to keep my head above water and learn what I need to about Budgeting..That’s right, Me, Budgeting!

Anyone can tell you, I like to splurge almost all my hard-earned monies in just ONE store. And quite frankly..It has to stop!

Read up on how to Budget for Dummies, ladies & gents:


   This week, I also started a petition for the need to revitalize the town I live in, Mattapan.  It used to be a thriving neighborhood back in the 90’s & now It’s like a deserted crack town..No Bueno. 3127159644_e7911eb90a

 So, as a good citizen, I’ve decided that not only does my part of town need at least a Dunkin’ Donut’s, but a bit of renovation as well. Mattapan has to do better..honestly.

Do what you must for whatever you should fight for to change:


Been trying to get my plantin’ on for a while now, looked up gardening things, & community gardening popped into my head!!

Since my vacation was a bust because of the rain and I’m still waiting for the City hall phantom Gourmet  BBq to happen (This weekend June 21-23rd!!  I found a place that I could actually plant  different array of things…I have a knack for nurturing plants. Don’t judge & sign up with me..

That’s it for Recappin’.. I’m in for a Good Weekend! Whoooo!!!


Fabulous Friday! *Aw yea, Aw Yeaaah!

 I thought this day would never shows its beautiful behind! How is your Friday doin’!? I am in awe of the things that transpired this week. One being the glorious re-opening of the side streets, nooks & crannies; And every in between alleyway of the Boylston/Copley area…No shade to the victims (may they rest) of course. This Fab Friday we got these 3 tidbits to talk about,… let’s get it!

Successful People vs. Unsuccessful People

Something spoke to me with this chart! Either you can be successful or not…Either go hard or go home! Which side do you classify with? Pretty grateful someone had the idea to make this chart and share it with the people!

I vow to stay on the left side…Who’s with me?


This week I’ve seen too many people trip on the side walks, asking themselves whats wrong with gravity?! I’ll tell you whats wrong with it….You! How you gunna  feel like a bad ass & walk down the street, primp and prissy; bold &  fearless and let a sidewalk trip you up? Granted, everyone does it from time to time, misstep or don’t  see that unleveled piece of concrete jutting out…but I’ll be damned! Wednesday,  I saw a business man almost fly out of his suit in front of the library. I laughed til I cried that day… Good times, man, good time (laughs).

                  Also, this week…!

 The Onion played a cruel joke on me & mostly everyone who read the article, about The Boston bomber posting bail & pretty much roaming the streets free, doing  more damage physically and mentally…. to say the least; homegirl wasnt havin’ it!  Thankfully, that was just a twisted joke &  it was played well (smh) Tu Chez, Tu Chez.,32184/

Well, that was a short recap of the week I’ve had… til next Week peeps! T.G.I.F!!!

REMIX!!! *Fresh Friday! We be mixin’ it up, Honey!

This Friday, I have some Fresh and some stale & not so fresh things that happened this week. Lets get it poppington!!


Never eat Dunkin’ Donuts’ chicken salad sandwich. Like EVER.  First off,  the store clerk asked me if I wanted it in a wrap instead of in a beloved croissant…. um, No!  If anyone knows well, they know that Double D’s has really good croissants… like really good! Anyways, I take my sandwich made WITH the croissant & my coffee and hoped that this sandwich would taste decent since I’ve never had it, but who could go wrong with a chicken salad sandwich? Wrong!  I was very misled, because the chicken in it tasted like chicken flavored bubbles with the dull crunch of tainted or chemically manufactured celery. And to top it off, the mayo in it was way too sweet! How about adding dried cranberries and  ELIMINATING the sweet taste with a tad bit more salt….healthy sea salt, of course.   Someone, anyone, please mention this to a Dunkin’ Donuts’ headquarters associate, if you know one. (smh)

ht_ugg_counterfeit_flexible_outsoles_lpl_130403_wmainDo You own a pair of UGG boots?(Men or Women can answer this). Next question, have you tested your UGG boot to see if they were real? This is how you tell the difference between a fake UGG boot & real UGG boot. Fresh!

Betta Fish. Everyone has owned or knows someone who owns a Betta Fish, Unofficially, they’re making a comeback!  These little fishies are super pretty & easy to manage, right? Wrong! A  friend of mines, her  fish looks like thisindex

All the time! And it’s not suppose to, unless its sees its reflection & feels threatened by the onset of another Betta…weird!  I’ve also had a chance to fish sit somebody else’s  fish recently (not the monster pictured above) and the owner was extra, extra picky about its care. Like really, what can happen to your precious fish under water and under my care? Definitely an Anal retentive, NOT fresh,  fish moron; that guy.

Taking Pics of things that aren’t quite pictures on Instagram…Fresh or Not Fresh? I’m stumped here? I am also a guilty party in doing  this.

Posting pictures of things written on your mobile device, is ok, given the right content. I’m learning this and I believe anything worth reading is worth Instagramming…maybe? I don’t know, you be the judge.