Fabulous Friday! *Aw yea, Aw Yeaaah!

 I thought this day would never shows its beautiful behind! How is your Friday doin’!? I am in awe of the things that transpired this week. One being the glorious re-opening of the side streets, nooks & crannies; And every in between alleyway of the Boylston/Copley area…No shade to the victims (may they rest) of course. This Fab Friday we got these 3 tidbits to talk about,… let’s get it!

Successful People vs. Unsuccessful People

Something spoke to me with this chart! Either you can be successful or not…Either go hard or go home! Which side do you classify with? Pretty grateful someone had the idea to make this chart and share it with the people!

I vow to stay on the left side…Who’s with me?http://darinspindler.com/successful-vs-unsuccessful-people-business-owners/


This week I’ve seen too many people trip on the side walks, asking themselves whats wrong with gravity?! I’ll tell you whats wrong with it….You! How you gunna  feel like a bad ass & walk down the street, primp and prissy; bold &  fearless and let a sidewalk trip you up? Granted, everyone does it from time to time, misstep or don’t  see that unleveled piece of concrete jutting out…but I’ll be damned! Wednesday,  I saw a business man almost fly out of his suit in front of the library. I laughed til I cried that day… Good times, man, good time (laughs).

                  Also, this week…!

 The Onion played a cruel joke on me & mostly everyone who read the article, about The Boston bomber posting bail & pretty much roaming the streets free, doing  more damage physically and mentally…. to say the least; homegirl wasnt havin’ it!  Thankfully, that was just a twisted joke &  it was played well (smh) Tu Chez, Tu Chez.http://www.theonion.com/articles/dzhokar-tsarnaev-posts-bail,32184/

Well, that was a short recap of the week I’ve had… til next Week peeps! T.G.I.F!!!